# Setup

Polymorph can either be setup to use a prebuilt CDN script or it can be bundled during development using npm or yarn.

# Setup for CDN

Include this script to get the latest version

<script src="https://unpkg.com/polymorph-js/dist/polymorph.min.js"></script>

To lock to a specific version, add @version after polymorph-js. For example, to lock to version 0.2.2, use the following url instead: https://unpkg.com/polymorph-js@0.2.2/dist/polymorph.min.js

# Setup for NPM

Polymorph builds for UMD, node, and es2015 modules. Install it on the command line with the following npm command:

npm install polymorph-js --save

To use the prebuilt version, resolve to the /dist/polymorph.js file in node_modules. Otherwise, simply import interpolate in your files:

import { interpolate } from 'polymorph-js'

const mixer = interpolate(/* ... */);